Simone Lampedone inherited his passion for music from his grandmother, a pianist, and his grandfather, a violinist.
He has been attracted by everything related to sound and new technologies since he was very young.

He started his musical training at the young age of eleven, starting with percussion at Istituto di Musica Giuseppe Verdi in Asti.
He was still very young when he began playing the drums with a band from Asti. With them, for about ten years he earned a living with music, hitting the scene on prestigious stages with artists like Mattia Bazar, Giorgio Faletti, Paola e Chiara, Sotto Tono and Bluvertigo, just to name a few.

Parallel to his artistic projects, in the late ‘90s he approached the varied and magical world of sound, graduating in Audio Engineering from SAE, in Milan.
After that, he began collaborating as a sound engineer and arranger with the author and singer Danilo Amerio, known for being the producer of Anna Oxa, Raf, Mia Martini, Umberto Tozzi, Marco Masini and many others.
Together, they created numerous productions, distributed nationally and internationally.

Simone Lampedone extended his musical technical experiences in the television and movie field, working for Maestro Luigi Seviroli and with renowned companies in the field. He worked as sound designer, arranger and musical editor of soundtracks for Mediaset, Rai, TaoDue Film and many other Italian and foreign film companies. Il Capo dei Capi, Nassiriya, Intelligence, Hidden in the Wood, Orfani, Non prendere impegni stasera: these are just a fiew of the productions he took part of.

In 2013, during the show “Danilo Amerio Circus“, Simone met Enrico Boido, owner of the audio-lighting service MA Show Solutions. They shared the same interests and had synergy about the vision of their work, so they found each other.

They decided to start working together at Docet Studio.
They share the same values and, most importantly, the same passion that allows them to achieve their goals without ever compromising.
Together, they are on the side of artists from the recording studio to the live events.

With Enrico, Danilo and Luigi start a wonderful friendship, in addition to the professional relationship.
They have been close for many years, now.

In the field of musical compositions, Simone Lampedone has recorded several songs for soundtracks and two instrumental albums, in addition to the album he made in the ‘90s with his band from Asti.

Another very important part of his job is training: Simone Lampedone was a Steinberg Certified Trainer and he is still a Trainer for PreSonus Italia.
For more than twenty years he had collaborated with important training institutions in the field of music technologies; with him, more than a thousand students have taken their first steps in the world of audio and music as sound technicians.

Since he is a professional in music production, sound engineering and training, Simone Lampedone always feels the need to keep up to date: he regularly attends Masters held by renowned leading experts in the world of music.

In 2020 he managed to realize all his dreams and expectations by opening the new headquarters of Docet Studio in Asti. Here he is where he is finally free to enhance the aspects of his personality: a series of features and interests that are usually seen as apparently incompatible.

Simone Lampedone is unconditionally dedicated to art, but always keeping in mind his technical and scientific background. He is rational and imaginative, pensive but at the same time spontaneous. These opposites allow him to explore artistic activities with professional seriousness and the curiosity typical of a child.

" After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music."


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