Docet Studio - Mix end Mastering ONLINE

Docet Studio - Mix end Mastering Online

Instructions for shipping Stems for our online Mix and Mastering services:


Docet Studio Asti

▪ Consolidate and export the tracks in Wave or Aiff format, taking care to start them all from the same point, which is the beginning of the session.

▪ It is recommended to have a minimum resolution of 44100 hz 24 bit

▪ Communicate the bpm of the tracks and in case of changes in tempo, attach a midi file to extract the tempo track

▪ If present, export the send/return effects used on separate audio tracks.

▪ Send also: a reference pre mix for each track; one or more reference tracks to better understand the desired direction;


Mastering Docet Studio

▪ Same as Mixing

▪ Export the mix or stems, keeping the resolution used in the production project.

▪ Do not use plug-ins to maximize the master.

▪ Make sure during mixing that spikes in distortion on individual tracks and/or master never occur

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