Docet Studio - Services

Docet Studio - Services

Our services – what we do

Docet Studio takes care of every type of recording and audiovisual project, from the arrangement and pre-production phases, up to the recording, editing mix and mastering.

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Studio and offsite recordings

Studio recordings: we acquire the source using an Avid Hdx 2 system with Antelope, Crane Song and Avid I/O converters, passing through the best pre and outboards analog microphones on the market.

Offsite recording: we record live events in multichannel, after a careful analysis of the acoustic characteristics of the location.

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Mixing and/or Mastering

We optimize recordings and tracks through our analog and digital outboards and our experience.

Tracks will be handled with the Dangerous 2-BUS + Analog Summer. It’s possible to do Mix and Mastering in stereo and surround, and to control loudness according to EBU and ITU regulations.

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ONLINE post-production

 We offer the possibility to use our services staying comfortably at home. After agreeing on the method, it’s possible to follow the operations online through a Zoom link.

For more information on the steps to follow to request our online services, contact us directly through the form on our website or through our contacts page.

Mastering Docet Studio

Audio for videos
Audio restoration

Creation of tailored songs for videos.
Sound design and foley.
Dubbing recording and lip-sync editing.
Musical editor for soundtracks.

Digitalization of old cassettes or vinyl records at 33-45-78 rpm and audio restoration. Re-mastering of music tracks.

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We create works made of excellence: we listen and value each of your ideas and enhance your production, thanks to our gear that is always up-to-date and thanks to our state-of-the-art listening systems. Find out how we can get the best result to meet your audio needs.

Where to find us

Address: Corso Torino 376, 14100 Asti