Docet Studio - Partnerships

Docet Studio - Partnerships

Partnerships and collaborations

Over the years, Docet Studio has collaborated with important companies in the field of recording and audiovisual.

With some of them, we established a particular affinity of thoughts, aimed at transforming ideas into concrete projects of quality. This strong professional bond resulted in beautiful friendships.

Luigi Seviroli partner Docet Studio

Luigi Seviroli

Musician and composer of soundtracks. His works range from TV series, films for cinema and radio dramas, both national and international. He also makes several recording projects in the dark genre.

Danilo Amerio partner Docet Studio

Danilo Amerio

Producer, author and songwriter. He collaborated with leading figures in the Italian music scene, such as Raf, Tozzi, Jovanotti, Mia Martini and many others. As a singer, he released 7 albums. He is the founder of the production company "Aroma d'Arte".

Alessandro Lestino partner Docet Studio

Alessandro Lestino

Born artistically as a DJ and producer of electronic music. He is the owner of Musiclab in Settimo Torinese, one of the most qualified structures at a national level for training in the area of Sound Technician, Producer and software certifications.

Lorenzo Marini partner Docet Studio

Lorenzo Marini

He graduated in Composition from the conservatory, then specialised in Conducting in Russia, where he made his debut with the St.Petersburg Orchestra. He composes music for animated films. Currently, he works as head of series for Maga Animation.

Elena Beatrice e Daniele Lince

Elena Beatrice and Daniele Lince

They are a couple of authors and filmmakers, convinced that stories can change the world. Their mission is to find the best way to tell those stories. Their works have been selected for several national and international festivals.

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