Docet Studio - Clients

Docet Studio - Clients

Some of Docet Studio clients

We take care of the artistic productions to bring out their essence. Prestigious companies and professionals have chosen us for our ability to listen and understand their needs. Here are some of them:

TaoDue film; Lastrego e Testa; Paca entertainment; Rai Com; Margherita Film;  Mediaset/Rti; Caffè Fadi; Enaip Piemonte; Apulia film commission; Immaginazione e Lavoro; Elleffe Group; Machiavelli Music; Spintech sas; Grey Ladder Production; MusicLab.

Taoduefilm Docet studio
Gruppo Mediaset Rti Docet Studio
Immaginazione e Lavoro Docet studio
Musiclab Docet Studio
Macchiavelli Docet Studio
Enaip Piemonte Docet Studio
Rai com Docet Studio
Caffè Fadi Docet Studio
L e T Docet Studio

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We create works made of excellence: we listen and value each of your ideas and enhance your production, thanks to our gear that is always up-to-date and thanks to our state-of-the-art listening systems. Find out how we can get the best result to meet your audio needs.

Where to find us

Address: Corso Torino 376, 14100 Asti