Docet Studio - About us

Docet Studio - About us

SIMONE LAMPEDONE - The story of a Sound Engineer

Docet Studio was born thanks to the passion of the young drummer Simone Lampedone. He had always dreamed and believed that his whole life would have been dedicated to music and to the people who love it and who live on this form of art.

He entered SAE Institute in Milan, and he graduated in 1999.
He immediately started working as a Music Technical Consultant and Sound Designer; in 2008, he founded Docet Studio in Turin to offer more services in the audio production field.
Docet Studio moved to Asti in the spring of 2020.

Today, Simone Lampedone works in his studio in Asti as a music producer, arranger and sound mix&mastering technician, and he “signs” each of his audio production with creativity and professionalism.

Simone Lampedone gives great importance to training and knowledge, both for himself and for the young talents who ask his help to grow and improve.

He is also fond of technology and watches… and that’s why he’s always on time!


Our vision is to be leaders among the professionals of the audiovisual industry, always taking care of the uniqueness of people, artists and workers, creating sounds that express talent and that reflect the desire of customers, thus allowing them to communicate to their audience through musical art.


Our goal is always to satisfy the needs of our customers with modern and innovative work, respecting the history of genres and producing excellent sounds that always generate emotions.


▪ professionalism
▪ respect for people and sound
▪ passion
▪ involvement
▪ open-mindedness and mental audacity
▪ curiosity
▪ innovation
▪ honesty


▪ Professional or amateur artists
▪ Producers and technicians that work in the audio, video and animation field

Available to create and work on soundtracks, music productions, multitrack recordings, mix and mastering, dubbing, foley and sound design.

Team members

Enrico Boido - Docet Studio

Enrico Boido

AUDIO and LIGHTS... he never made that choice... and that’s why we love him!

Enrico graduated in Engineering from Politecnico di Torino. In the meantime, he never stopped making work experiences in theatre and musical events, becoming an expert on live shows and on the combination of art and technology to convey new emotions.

He then joined MA Show Solutions, becoming a trusted technical partner of every live event.
In 2017 he also started collaborating with Coemar Lighting, where he had the chance to expand his knowledge in the field of lighting, a fundamental complementary element of audio. With Coemar he worked on important exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

Team Docet

The Team met in 2013 during an important show.
Simone Lampedone, sound engineer of the show, and Enrico Boido, sound engineer on stage and lighting technician. Mixing music and lights, they found a great connection and created a long-lasting friendship.

They share the same values and, most importantly, the same passion that allows them to achieve their goals without ever compromising.
Together, they are on the side of artists from the recording studio to the live events.


And here she is, the true Team Leader of the Docet Studio: Lagolf

Don’t worry, you got that right!
The story of her name is a bit long, but we will be glad to tell it to you when you’ll come to visit us at the Studio!

Lagolf has been with us since 2016. Rest assured: without her approval, we never consider a job finished… Miaow!

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Where to find us

Address: Corso Torino 376, 14100 Asti